Summer Schedules/Results

Wednesday Open
Wednesday Rec


Score Reporter is for all captains to use to report their results. 

Results Report is for coordinators to see all results and update their schedules/results.

Spirit Score Reporter for captains to report spirit scores after every game. 

For both coordinators and captains to review. 


Insurance Forms


an overview of supplemental coverage provided to USAU sanctioned leagues/events such as Summer Leagues at Tower Grove and Chesterfield. This typically does not apply to events at JCC or Bud Dome. 

coordinators are responsible to complete this form to submit for insurance after any incidents that may have led to injury during a SLUA league/event sanctioned by USAU. These forms must be signed by the participant involved in the incident (and their legal guardian if they are a minor). 

This form is required at SLUA events sanctioned by USAU to allow Minors to participate in the absence of a legal guardian. The legal guardian must complete this form to grant Chaperones* authority to seek emergency medical attention for the participant, in the event the legal guardian cannot be contacted. Chaperones must be 21 and complete an NCSI background checkt hrough USAU. SLUA will reimburse chaperones for the cost of this background check. In order for minors to participate, a legal guardian or chaperone equipped with a signed medical authorization form must be present.