Summer League - Wednesday Recreational


  • Location: Tower Grove Park

  • Skill Level: All

  • Scheduled: May 23 - August 22 @ 6:30pm

  • Registration: April 1 - May 9

  • Preferred Gender Ratio: 4:3, Men:Women

  • $45 for USAU Members

    • $62.50 for Non-USAU Members

  • Coordinators: Lenny Jones

  • Participants receive a Disc with registration.

Wednesday Coed Recreational @ Tower Grove coordinated by Sasha and Lenny, is perfect for beginners and where veteran players help teach the game.

Of all the summer leagues, this is the most "tranquilo". Our goal is to promote the spirit of the game and entice new players to join. To do this, we will need veteran players who are willing to share their knowledge.

Teams will be assembled by the league coordinators in an effort to maximize parity. Team cores of six players are accepted but must include at least twowomen and are subject to competitive review.

Our goal is to have 4:3 gender ratio, but if a team has four or less women at game time, a 5:2 ratio will be used.  If three or less women at game time, Captains may determine other ratios (i.e. offense dictates, trade players, or play down).

Socializing will take place on the field after each game, with the "Home" team providing beverages for the "Guest" team.  The league will supplement with beverages once a month.

Each team will play a total of 14 games, no Playoffs - After the first 7 weeks, we will assess team parity and make adjustments

Games begin May 23rd and end August 24th

Play will be Wednesday nights @ Tower Grove Park with first pull @ 6:30pm