Women's Ultimate in St. Louis is Growing

The past year has seen some exciting energy around Women's Ultimate in St. Louis. At the Youth Level, Alyssa Renaud and Lindsay Stith brought players from SLUJ to compete at the Youth Club Championships in Blaine, Minnesota - St. Louis' first ever representation at this annual tournament featuring the best U19 players from around the country. Later in the Fall Anat Gross organized SLUA's first ever Women's League at Franz Park. 

In January a summit was held to foster discussion and set goals for Women's Ultimate. 



SLUJ rejoins SLUA

The St. Louis Ultimate Juniors was first formed within the SLUA organization in 2004. The group focuses on organizing a High School based league in the region and hosting the Missouri State Tournament. After spending 2015-2017 on its own, the two groups have reunited to better align their missions. 

SLUJ has grown from tremendously from its first seasons when it featured only 6 teams. 2017 saw 27 different teams from 20 different schools and 350+ players. Most of the teams are loosely affiliated with their respective schools and are considered a club sport; they are organized mainly by volunteer coaches and they players themselves.