Summer League - Wednesday Mixed Recreational


The game: Teams will play 16 games of 7 on 7 in the season. There will be no bracket play. Our goal is to play with a 4:3 male/female gender ratio, but if a team has four or less women at game time, a 5:2 ratio will be used.  If there are three or less womxn at game time, Captains may determine other ratios (i.e. offense dictates, trade players, or play down a man). Teams will be assembled by the league coordinator in an effort to maximize parity. Team cores of six players are accepted but must include at least two womxn and are subject to competitive review.

Level of Play: Recreational; all skill levels are welcome to play.

Dates: May 15- August 21, 2019

Time: 6:30pm

Location: Tower Grove Park

Cost: $45 for USAU members, $62.50 for non-USUAU members

Extras: Socializing will take place on the field after each game, with the "Home" team providing beverages for the "Guest" team.  The league will supplement with beverages at the beginning and mid-point of the season.

League Coordinator: Lenny Jones (