Summer League - Monday Mixed Recreational


The game: Teams will play one game of 7 on 7 per week. This is a mixed league, the ratio of men to womxn will be 4:3 or 3:4. Teams are expected to maximize female play, trading women if needed. The number of men in the league will be capped as needed Teams will be drafted by the league coordinators in an effort to make teams as even as possible. Team cores are not accepted. Players can have one other person as baggage. Reciprocal baggage links have preference and all efforts will be made to keep baggage together. Baggage chains, and other attempts to circumvent baggage rules are not permitted.

Level of Play: Recreational; all skill levels are welcome to play.

Dates: May 13- July 29, 2019

Time: 6:30

Location: Tower Grove Park

Cost: 43$for USAU members, $60.50 for non-USAU members

Extras: A social venue/field after each game will be posted on the schedule. Each player will receive a disc.

League Coordinator: Allison Gray (