Committee Sign Up

Below are volunteer opportunities for you to sign up for based on interest. You will be placed in a group with other members of our community to make needed changes, manage issues, and start key discussions. Monthly meetings are preferred but can be decided by each committee and SLUA.

Committee Areas Include: Volunteers, High School, Leagues, Club, Media, Expansion & Fundraising.


Areas of focus:

  • Soliciting volunteers in community based on skill set, experience, and interest

  • Gain and maintaining active volunteers

  • Organize and determine volunteer appreciation events and benefits

  • Get parents of high school players involved

Volunteer Committee

High School League Committee

Areas of focus:

  • Manage all areas of league— scheduling, onboard new teams and coaches, mentoring…

  • Open and Women’s Division

  • Varsity and Junior Varsity

  • Funding, scholarships, budgeting

  • Rules, regulations, spirit, and USAU interaction

  • Team creation and expansion

High School State Tournament Committee

Areas of focus:

  • Field Procurement

  • Teem Seeding (V and JV)

  • Rules, regulations, spirit, sanctioning, and USAU interaction

  • Issue Resolution (non-spirit)

  • Budgeting

League Committee

Areas of focus:

  • Manage— Open, Mixed, Women's Leagues and create Youth League

  • Field procurement

  • Team creation

  • Rules, regulations, spirit

  • Budgeting

  • Social activities and venues

  • Issue resolution (non-spirit)

  • How to handle sex ratios

  • How to set men vs. women registration caps

  • Expansion

Areas of focus:

  • Tryout combine

  • STL tournament

  • Mentoring and integrating high school players

  • Determine and request support from SLUA

Club Committee

Areas of focus:

  • Monitoring, managing, approving content for website, facebook, emails, and instagram

  • Keep social media up to date

  • Create ‘news’ content for the website

  • Advertising SLUA and community events

  • Update email lists

  • Unify community

  • Photos

Content & Social Media Committee

Areas of focus:

  • New players— open, women’s, youth

  • Events— tournaments, outreach

  • Field management and procurement

Expansion Committee

Areas of focus:

  • Soliciting funds

  • Advertisement

  • Understanding and pursuing funding opportunities

Fundraising Committee